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May 2023 • Source: Rimkus

Utilizing state-of-the-art technology and proven methodologies, the Rimkus Transportation Forensics team provides a comprehensive approach to accident reconstruction, injury biomechanics, fire causation, product liability analysis, and materials testing. Rimkus clients can count on thorough examination and documentation, clear communication, and answers to complex questions.

The “right tools for the job” are paramount, and Rimkus has a vast array of tools in their toolbox.

Strategically located offices and experts across the country allow the Rimkus team to respond quickly to accident scenes. Rapid response to the scene is vital, as vehicles may be moved and roadway evidence can disappear or be impacted by weather, further complicating the reconstruction process.

Rimkus consultants can document site conditions, examine vehicle damage characteristics, inspect mechanical/electrical systems, and preserve hard evidence. Their experts can analyze the specifics, such as speed and direction of the vehicles, force of impact, skid-mark lengths, line-of-sight, road conditions, traffic controls, and other pertinent data, to determine the facts of the case.

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