Gain Important Case Preparation Time with Strategic Vendor Partnerships

Source: ChoiceLegal

In defense litigation, rapid and thorough records retrieval sets the foundation for good case preparation timely depositions and settlement options. Vendor partners with a national footprint make it seamless for defense firms when gathering employment, medical and education records. This strategic partnership frees time for paralegals and support staff to focus case on the merits of a case rather than the tedious detail of tracking requests and endless follow up phone calls.

When considering records retrieval, look for support partners who are easy to work with, advance custodial fees, offer a simple fee structure and provide document management tools that further increase case preparation efficiencies.

Easy to Work With

A successful relationship between defense firms and their retrieval partner is based on listening to the defense team’s processes and workflow. Most retrieval companies will offer a “self-serve” portal to place orders, however a true partner can take on the admin role for the client and simply receive an email with the request details and handle the order process for your firm. This frees the firm staff for higher value legal tasks.

Custodial Fee Advances

Eliminate the need for check requests and digital payments by choosing a retrieval vendor who advances witness and custodial fees on your behalf. This saves defense staff time and streamlines the final invoice with all services included in a single bill.

Transparent Fee Structure

Add on fees. Hidden fees. Mileage. Postage. The list goes on. Our suggestion? Find that partner who offers a primary pricing model and minimal-to-no add on fees so you know what your firm will be billed at all times.

Document Management Tools

Software tools like optical character readers (OCR) and records chronologies make it simple to pinpoint pre-existing conditions, extent of injury and timeline of treatment. Retrieval partner companies can provide the records in chronological order or provide digital tools for paralegals to search records based on their case criteria.  We also provide Medical Summaries of the records.  Ask us for a sample!


Last, partnering with a retrieval firm that offers IME and Bill Review integrations starts to reduce the number of individual vendors that your team must track and further increases efficiencies for your case preparation.

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Jeffrey Baker is Senior Vice President of Sales for ChoiceLegal. Jeff is responsible for the ongoing growth and branding on a national scale with the insurance and legal communities. An insurance industry veteran, Jeff has 27 years of experience working with legal companies. Eleven years in executive claims management and sixteen years as a vendor to the insurance and legal market.

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ChoiceLegal is a leading nationwide medical record retrieval provider for defense firms and insurance carriers. As a dedicated partner, ChoiceLegal retrieves all types of medical records insurance defense firms may need and handles every step of the process including order entry, authorization processing, subpoena preparation, and service.