Diversity Statement

Themis Advocates Group recognizes the importance of diversity for the long-term success of our group and the industries we serve. We are, and have been, committed to creating an inclusive, open and respectful culture comprised of individuals from diverse backgrounds, where each is given a platform for success and participation. We recognize that diversity encompasses an infinite range of individual characteristics and experiences, including race, color, religion, national origin, gender, age, sexual orientation, and physical disability. Many other characteristics may also contribute to the group’s definition of diversity. Our goal is to create an environment where the unique attributes, perspectives, backgrounds, skills and abilities of each individual are valued at every event and within our organization.

The Themis Advocates Group is a networking and educational group where people can interact, network, grow, learn and succeed. We enable these contributions by maintaining an environment that embraces diversity and fosters creativity and innovation. Accordingly, fairness and equality must be defining characteristics of our events. By providing a networking environment of respect, trust, collaboration and cooperation, we can provide superior service to our clients and achieve the highest levels of client and member satisfaction.