Cyber Liability

Our members include leading cyber liability defense lawyers from dozens of renowned law firms throughout the United States.

Cyber Liability Defense Attorneys

Providing Innovative Legal Services across the U.S.

Internet/cybersecurity is an important and emerging area of law in the United States. In the wake of highly publicized network security breaches, a great number of organizations across a range of industries have taken measures to protect themselves. However, in the event of a data breach, businesses must follow certain specific reporting and notification practices or they risk potentially harmful liability lawsuits.

At Themis Advocates Group, our members include leading cyber liability defense lawyers from dozens of renowned law firms located throughout the United States. Our members assist clients with a range of preventative and proactive services in regards to cyber liability. They also provide knowledgeable counsel and litigation representation for those facing issues involving cybersecurity, data breaches, and violations of internet privacy.

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How We Help

Our carefully selected member law firms provide comprehensive legal services for clients facing complex cyber liability issues.

Our members can assist you with the following:

  • Compliance with state/federal law regarding data breach disclosure and reporting
  • Cyber liability insurance coverage and disputes
  • Representation of defendants in data breach and privacy violation claims
  • Future risk management and improvement of network security
  • Working with law enforcement/investigative agencies
  • Counsel regarding conducting internal security audits, evaluations, and trainings
  • Ensuring full compliance with all applicable cybersecurity and liability laws

This is a complex area of law, one that requires the skill of an experienced legal team. At Themis Advocates Group, our members receive access to an expansive network of resources, including key industry updates, news, and advances in litigation strategies. This helps to ensure that our member attorneys remain on the cutting-edge of cyber security and liability law.

As a client, you receive access to this invaluable legal knowledge. Our cyber liability defense lawyers are committed to creating partnerships with their clients and will work to understand and address your unique objectives and concerns.

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