Women of Themis

Women of Themis is committed to fostering and encouraging women across various industries to learn, share, and network.

Empowering Female Attorneys & Fostering Career Growth Across Industries

Women of Themis is a specialized networking group of the Themis Advocates Group membership designed to foster and encourage women across various industry and skill levels to learn, share, and network. Themis Advocates Group recognizes that to be one of the leading national networks of preeminent law firms, encouraging and empowering female attorneys and other professionals working in the legal and insurance industries is essential.

With the growing involvement by women in the insurance and risk management industry, Themis Advocates Group created the Women of Themis for one purpose: to empower, enhance, and engage women to excel and fulfill their career potential as they continue to grow in the industry.

The Women of Themis’ Leadership Summit is an event that is held in a different city every year throughout the country to give women the tools they need to continue their growth. The next event will take place in May 2025 in NYC. 

Women in the Law: Statistics

Historically, the law has been a male-dominated field. However, now more than ever, women are finding their calling - and emerging as industry leaders - in the legal world.

According to the American Bar Association, as of April 2019:

  • Women account for 38% of all attorneys, with men making up the remaining 62%
  • Just under 23% of all partners in private practice are women
  • Nearly 46% of associate attorneys in private practice are women
  • Only 30% of attorneys who serve as general counsel for Fortune 500 companies are women

Though female attorneys’ presence in the law is growing, women are still paid less than their male counterparts. According to the American Bar Association, female lawyers’ weekly salaries comprised an average of 80% than that of male lawyers’ weekly salaries in 2018 (the most recent year for which data is available). Around the world, equity partners who are male are paid 27% more than equity partners who are female.

The general consensus: while women are entering the legal field in greater numbers now than in previous years, there is still plenty of room for growth and equality. Our Women of Themis initiative aims to close this gap by empowering women, encouraging female thought leaders, and providing a space for female attorneys to network, excel, and fulfill their full career potentials.