Medical Record Summaries Consistently Help Speed Case Preparation

November 2023 • Source: ChoiceLegal

When time and efficiency count, medical record summaries eliminate the need to read thousands of pages. Records are summarized and hyperlinked to the correct document so your legal team can focus more on strategy rather than note taking.

What to Look for when Ordering Record Summaries

Your summarization partner should provide an email link right to the selected record, allowing for downloading the content directly to your claim or case management platform. The records should be hyperlinked to the original records, enabling staff to review records quickly and facilitate better collaboration with key stakeholders.

When to Use Medical Record Summarization

For easy and accurate discovery, using a vendor to generate medical summaries best serve cases that receive 200 pages of records or more. When contracting for medical summaries, every record is summarized. This can be handled by your vendor partner and frees paralegals to focus on strategy and other critical legal activities.

Consider the following scenario and how medical records summaries generated by a vendor partner have successfully assisted:

A 63 year old male patient presents with a soft tissue injury where herniations to the lumbar spine are alleged in the disability claim.  Sifting through extensive medical records becomes much easier and quicker with medical records summaries and helps to identify prior causation and a potential pre-existing condition.

When a case is getting close to trial, reviewing summarized records enable paralegals to work more efficiently and drill right to the pertinent information. This results in a more cost effective defense for the insurance carrier and greater efficiency for the defending law firm.

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