Lederer Weston Craig, PLC Trial Win

April 2024 • Source: Lederer Weston Craig, PLC

Themis members Alexandra Galbraith Davis and Kent Gummert of Lederer Weston Craig, PLC represented a commercial vehicle driver in a trial that was held last week in the Iowa District Court for Polk County Iowa. The lawsuit arose out of an accident between a rock truck and a passenger van. The rock truck struck the van while making a left turn into a job site. Liability was admitted at trial.

The Plaintiff was a 77-year-old gentleman (81 at the time of trial)  suffered whiplash injuries to his neck and upper back. His treating physician, who specializes in treating patients with concussions and traumatic brain injuries, diagnosed him with post-concussion syndrome with vision changes, balance issues and cognitive decline. The defense expert challenged the diagnosis of a brain injury and cast doubt on whether the plaintiff had any cognitive decline.

The Plaintiff’s counsel asked for $3,000,000 in his closing argument. The Jury returned a verdict of $35,000.