Insurance Coverage

We represent local, regional, and national insurance providers in coverage disputes with individuals, businesses and manufacturers.

Insurance Coverage Lawyers

Providing Legal Counsel in Coverage Disputes & Related Issues across the U.S.

Themis Advocates Group’s member attorneys and law firms comprise a network of leading civil defense attorneys throughout the United States. One of our core focuses centers on matters of insurance coverage, including disputes. We represent local, regional, and national insurance providers in coverage disputes with individuals, businesses, manufacturers, and other entities. We also represent policyholders in issues involving insurance coverage and liability relating to third parties.

At Themis Advocates Group, we carefully select our member firms via an exhaustive application and vetting process. We work to ensure that all of our members are aligned with our core philosophies and practices, including adherence to the highest standards of ethics and client service. We have grown from a team of four to a network of more than 26 law firms with over 700 affiliated attorneys, serving clients in 45 of the 50 U.S. states and the Virgin Islands.

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Skilled Representation in All Types of Insurance Coverage Issues

It is not uncommon for insurance providers and policyholders to face conflict from third parties arguing that a certain injury, loss, or damage is covered by a given policy. At Themis Advocates Group, we are proud to have a large, coast-to-coast team of coverage dispute defense attorneys who have established long-running track records of success in litigation and alternative dispute resolution.

Our insurance coverage services include:

  • Insurance defense in coverage disputes
  • Investigation
  • Pre-litigation preparation and counsel
  • Litigation
  • General counsel
  • Independent counsel

We handle private lines of coverage, as well as other forms of insurance. Our members have skillfully handled coverage disputes involving automobile/motor vehicle insurance, homeowners’ insurance, business insurance, product liabilityconstruction defects, and more.

Committed to Trust, Value & Innovation

At Themis Advocates Group, we focus on providing our members and our clients with the utmost in trust, value, and innovation. In order to achieve this, we ensure that our members receive access to ongoing education and training initiatives. The insurance coverage attorneys in our network have the opportunity to attend numerous annual and semi-annual events, including educational seminars and expert-led panels, mock trials, and more. We also provide our members with a multitude of invaluable resources and materials, as well as key updates across various industries, to ensure that they remain on the cutting-edge of civil defense.

When you work with one of our members, you are treated as not just a client but a partner. We take into account the unique concerns, questions, and objectives of each individual client, including cost-effectiveness, future risk management, and swift case resolutions.

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