Core Specialties

Themis Advocates Group is committed to a set of core specialties that meet the needs of clients throughout the United States. 


Representing Clients in Civil & Liability Defense across the U.S.

At Themis Advocates Group, we emphasize a set of core specialties that meet the needs of individuals, businesses, organizations, entities, and their insurers throughout the United States. By concentrating their litigation practices to these particular areas, our member attorneys are better able to provide the level of legal service we believe our clients deserve. The civil defense law firms in our network are some of the nation’s top firms, and many of our member attorneys are widely regarded as authorities in their respective fields. We proudly serve clients in 45 of the 50 U.S. states, as well as the Virgin Islands.

Our Practice Areas:

Emerging Issues & Member Resources

In addition to our core specialties, we strive to stay abreast of emerging issues and up-and-coming trends in the legal world. Our members are well-versed in key issues in civil defense, including advances in investigative techniques, artificial intelligence (AI) trends, and more.

At Themis Advocates Group, one of our primary objectives is to provide our members with access to a wide range of resources to ensure that they remain at the cutting-edge of their various fields. As such, we offer a number of educational events, seminars, and training sessions each year where we highlight major advances in civil defense and inform our members of critical emerging issues in the field. This not only allows our members to consistently sharpen and hone their skillsets, but it also afford us an unmatched level of confidence in standing behind our member firms.

As a client, you receive the benefit of an expansive network of highly educated and trained legal professionals. With locations throughout the nation, our civil defense attorney members are poised to provide the highest level of legal service, counsel, and litigation possible.

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